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Debbie Badillo
Debbie Badillo and friends

Debbie Badillo

Graduate Student

Debbie grew up in Orange County, California and earned her bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Biology from Western Carolina University. At WCU, Debbie worked with Dr. Maria Gainey to study bacteriophage genetic switches and defense mechanisms. She then went on to do a post-bac at UNC-Chapel Hill in the UNC PREP program. At UNC, she worked with Dr. Miriam Braunstein to study Mycobacterium abscessus clinical isolate behavior and interactions with bacteriophages to improve bacteriophage therapy. Debbie is currently a PhD student in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at Duke.


Outside of the lab, Debbie enjoys trying new restaurants and bars, crafting, knitting, watching TV, and camping!

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